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Six Beauty Tips for Asian Eyes and Skin


Being an Asian is almost a blessing, since you tend to have that normal tan with the flawless skin, those natural gorgeous, smooth and silky jet black perfectly straight hair and finally those amazing curved eyes. Well, what…

Wedding Accessories for Women – Colors & Customs


Accessories carry a specific charm/aura which helps identify the individual persona of the Bangladeshi bride and her bridesmaids on the special day. There is no “Lehenga”, no “Saari”, no “Garaara” or “Sharraara” that can look good without the…



Camilla Deterre, muse of the season, models a capsule collection we’ve been obsessing about all year. (Via – H&M) Camilla Deterre is someone you instantly fall in love with. Things that normally would annoy you a little when…

Gallery: The Names of the Slave

Outfit of the day

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Splintered Crying

Outfit of the day

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Silk of Dreamer


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Vision in the Pleasure


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Nobody of the Spirits

Outfit of the day

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Bridges in the Soul

Outfit of the day

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The Sky of the Shards


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