Camilla Deterre, muse of the season, models a capsule collection we’ve been obsessing about all year. (Via – H&M)

model-hmCamilla Deterre is someone you instantly fall in love with. Things that normally would annoy you a little when you meet someone who has been dubbed ‘It Girl’ by (like how she doesn’t use – or own – any makeup and still looks beautiful, her worldly, almost blasé Manhattan cool or her multi-hyphen resume) only seem charming. Maybe it is her slightly crooked smile, the contagious giggle she bursts into when we ask her to do silly things in front of the camera. But most of all it is how she talks: in a matter of fact sort of way, with a rare sincerity.

“I don’t know. Maybe I have a certain realness that people are attracted to,” she admits when we chat in between shots. We are in a studio in New York, shooting a small capsule collection of premium wardrobe essentials, made from qualities like mulberry silk, cashmere and super soft nappa leather. It is the idea of the perfect wardrobe – made for the perfectly imperfect woman.

And who would be a better muse than Camilla Deterre? This model/interior designer/restaurant owner, with supermodel cheekbones and dark under-eye circles, who has become the face of a fashion movement (at least we hope it is more than just a trend), based on the simple notion that models are, in fact, women. Multi-faceted, talented and inspiring women.


“I am fortunate enough to be in a position where I can angle [modeling] to my benefit. I think I have more of a presence, rather then just being something for people to put clothes on. People are obviously interested in the way that I look, but also in this person that I am.”

“I am usually inspired by confidence. [People who have] a set perspective, where there are no gray areas – more like ‘this is how I feel, how I see it, who I am.’”

“I always have a pair of good jeans, or a pair of slacks. I don’t really wear any show-off pieces, I have more this classic, boy/girl look. It is this idea of not just wanting to be a beautiful sexy girl, or at least not pushing that idea to the outside world. I guess I just try to stay as low-key as possible.”

H&M Creative Director Pernilla Wohlfahrt calls this “quiet dressing.”
“Clothes that don’t make a statement, but instead let the woman who wears them speak.”

She sat down with her design team to write a list of items every woman would want to have in her wardrobe. Modern, but not trendy, clothes made from the finest qualities they could imagine. The result is a collection of timeless pieces, comfortable and stylish enough to wear anytime, anywhere. The term ‘understated luxury’ comes to mind.

“We asked ourselves – what are the things we can’t live without? The round-neck cashmere sweater, the little black dress, the perfect denims…”

“This simple coat, made from a wool-cashmere blend. It is ageless, timeless – just perfect.”

Perfection comes with a price tag, of course. The luxe qualities mean prices are slightly higher than your average H&M buy. Pernilla Wohlfahrt, however, assures us it’s worth it. “These are clothes you will wear and love for a very long time.”