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    Introducing L’Oreal boldest, most moisturising matte lipsticks.
    Packed with pure pigments for vivid colour and enriched with oils for hydration and comfort.

    ৳ 1,450.00 ৳ 1,290.00

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  • Beauty Glazed Eye-Shadows 6 Package


    Beauty Glazed 10, 15 & 35 Colors Eye shadow Palette Available.

    Products 1- 6 details below.

    ৳ 550.00৳ 850.00

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  • BIOAQUA PURE SKIN -Removal of Acne 100G+30G


    Buy Original BioAqua Pure Skin – Removal Of Acne, Acne Scars, Shrink Pores, Oil Control, Acne Rejuvenation & Moisturizing Cream 100g+30g THE CUSTOMER THAT REVIEWED THE PRODUCT DIDN’T BUY OUR ORIGINAL PRODUCT, THE PICTURE THAT WAS DISPLACED IN THE CUSTOMER REVIEW WAS A FAKE PRODUCT, THE ORIGINAL PRODUCT HAS PURESKIN WRITTEN ON THE (BLUE) BAND OF THE PRODUCT. THE ORIGINAL HAVE A LIGHT BLUE AND A DARK BLUE BAND WITH PURESKIN ACNE REJUVENATION & CREAM WRITTEN ON THE PRODUCT. Repair Uneven Rough Skin, Making Skin Smooth And Delicate Shrink Pores, Improve Skin Elasticity And Balanced Facial Oil Secretion It Get Rid Of Acne Scars, Acne Marks And Repairing Damage To The Skin

    ৳ 690.00 ৳ 620.00

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  • BIOAQUA V7 Toning Light Cream


    BIOAQUA V7 Toning Light Cream for Lazy Makeup Multivitamin Complex Concealer – 50g

    Bioaqua V7 Toning Light contains a variety of vitamins, it is permeable to skin easily, brighten the complexion and cover facial blemishes. It moisturizes and helps to have glow flawless crystal clear skin, create natural bare makeup. It is long lasting, fast and easy to apply, your indispensable lazy beauty product.

    • Applicable Skin: General.
    • Product Category: Emulsion Cream.
    • Net Content: 50g.


    • After cleansing, in the final stage of basic skin care, take appropriate product and apply evenly on the tip of the nose, face, forehead, chin and gently tapping massage until completely absorbed.


    • As everyone’s skin type is individual to them, it is recommended to test the product prior to applying product.



    ৳ 420.00 ৳ 380.00

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  • Boots Charcoal Scrub Tea Tree and Witch Hazel


    Imported From UK

    Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Charcoal Facial Face Scrub 150ml

    This Deep Cleansing Facial Scrub contains antibacterial Tea Tree Oil and skin calming Witch Hazel in conjunction with activated Charcoal to keep your skin clear and healthy by:

    Charcoal gently cleanses and attracts dirt like a magnet, drawing out deep down impurities & excess oil without over-drying.

    ৳ 800.00

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  • Boots Cucumber Scrub


    Boots EssentIals Cucumber Facial Scrub For All Skin Types 50ml

    Contains extract of cucumber to help gently soften and soothe.

    Enriched with soothing cucumber and vitamins, this gentle scrub works to revive and brighten skin by lightly polishing away dry patches and dead skin cells.
    Massage into cleansed skin with light circular movements for one minute (less for dry skin), avoiding the delicate skin around the eyes.

    Rinse and pat dry.

    Can be used daily or weekly.

    ৳ 400.00

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  • Boots Essentials Cucumber Facial Toner

    , ,

    Boots Essentials Cucumber Facial Toner 150ml

    Enriched with soothing cucumber and vitamins, Boots Essentials Cucumber Facial Toner works to refresh and tone the skin, removing the last traces of make -up and excess oils after cleansing.

    Suitable for all skin types
    Dermalogically tested
    How to use
    Apply with cotton wool to thoroughly cleansed skin.
    Aqua, Alcohol denat, Glycerin, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, Polysorbate 20, Methylparaben, Sodium citrate, Tocopheryl acetate, Propylene glycol, Benzopheone-4, Retinyl palmitate, Dipropylene glycol, Parfum,Sorbitol, Hexyl cinnamal, Hydroxyisohexyl 3 – cyclohexenecarboxaldehyde, Cucmis sativus extract, Tocopherol, CI47005, CI 42090.

    ৳ 400.00

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  • Charcoal Mask – Peel Off Face Mask Cream


    Say goodbye to blackheads and acne with Bamboo Charcoal Anti-Blackhead Face Mask Cream. Its active carbon-rich ingredients ensure deep cleansing and improving overall skin texture. The Charcoal Anti-Blackhead Face Mask cream removes dirt, dead skin cells and excess oil from the face along with lifting blackheads and tightening pores. It targets acne and other impurities, thereby leaving the skin appearing visibly brighter and smoother. The unique formulation of bamboo charcoal deeply penetrates into the skin and breaks down toxic deposits.It also improves skin’s elasticity and makes it appear clean and nourished.


      • Wash and clean face with a mild cleanser.
      • Apply the mask cream slowly to entire face, leaving out eyes and mouth area.
      • Wait until the mask is dry (10-15 mins).
      • Peel off the mask slowly and carefully from the edges.
      • Rinse with water in case of any residues.
      • Use 1-2 times a week.

    ৳ 280.00 ৳ 250.00

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  • FIT ME 130: Matte & Poreless Foundation Makeup


    Fix your skin imperfections with Fit Me Matte + Poreless for a perfectly poreless finish that looks totally natural – no more caki-ness.

    Fit Me Matte + Poreless is suitable for Normal to Oily skin
    Blotting micro powders absorbs shine
    Lightweight blurring powders visibly erases pores
    Medium coverage provides a smooth, natural-looking matte finish that covers imperfections
    Stays in place for 12 hours.

    Coverage: Medium-Full
    Finish: Natural, Matte
    Skin type: Normal/Oily
    Ultra-blendable liquid foundation for a natural-looking matte finish, Targets shine and visibly erases the look of pores
    Contains blotting micro powders and lightweight blurring powders
    12 hr wear; stays in place all day

    Full Information Bellow.

    ৳ 1,150.00 ৳ 1,050.00

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  • Freyias Weekly Peeling Face Wash


    Products – 1: Freyias Weekly Peeling Face Wash –Aloe vera এর কাজ :

     এলোভেরা সমৃদ্ধ

     ত্বকের মৃত কোষকে অপসারণ করে

     ত্বকের গভীর থেকে ময়লা পরিষ্কার করে

     তৈলাক্ত ও নরমাল স্কিন এর জন্য

     ত্বক soft করে

     ব্রণ হওয়ার ব্যাকটেরিয়া থেকে সুরক্ষিত রাখে

     Aniti Wrinkle এর কাজ করে


    Products – 2: Freyias Weekly Peeling Face Wash –Milk এর কাজ :

     মিল্কের নির্যাস সমৃদ্ধ

     ত্বকের উজ্জ্বলতা বৃদ্ধি ও ময়লা পরিস্কার করে

     ত্বকের প্রাকৃতিক আর্দ্রতা রক্ষা করে

     মিল্কের নির্যাস সমৃদ্ধ

     প্রতি সপ্তাহে এক বা দুই বার ব্যবহার করা যাবে

     unclogging pores এর কাজ করে

     শুষ্ক স্কিন এর জন্য

    ব্যবহার বিধি : প্রথমে ত্বক পরিষ্কার করে শুকিয়ে Freyias ফেসওয়াশ দিয়ে আলতো ম্যাসাজ করে তুলে মুখ ধুয়ে ফেলতে হবে। কিছুক্ষন ব্যবহারে ত্বকের dead স্কিন উঠে আসবে। নিয়মিত ব্যবহার এ ত্বকের dead skin এর পরিমান কমে যাবে।

    ত্বকের ধরণ : তৈলাক্ত ত্বকের জন্য তিন দিন পর পর একবার এবং স্বাভাবিক ও শুষ্ক ত্বকের জন্য সপ্তাহে একবার ব্যবহার করুন।

    সতর্কতা :

    প্রথমে কোন নতুন ফেসওয়াশ ব্যবহার করার আগে আপনার কানের লতির উপর ফেসওয়াশটি Apply করুন।

    ৳ 220.00

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    Imported from UK

    3 actions in 1 product for clearer looking skin everyday
    1. Wash: Use everyday on wet skin to help intensely cleanse and purify the skin, removes excess sebum and protect against the appearance of spots. Rinse thoroughly with water.
    2. Scrub: When needed massage 3 in 1 into forehead, chin and nose to help remove dead skin cells and unclog pores.
    3. Mask: 1 to 2 times a week to help even skin tone and mattify the skin. Apply to dry skin and leave on for 3 minutes.
    After each application rinse thoroughly with water. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact, rinse them immediately. In case of irritation or dryness, space out usage. For best results use with Pure Active Micellar and Pure Active Matte Control.

    ৳ 700.00

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  • Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water

    , ,

    Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water 400ml

    Micellar Cleansing Water removes make-up, cleanses and soothes with no need for rubbing or rinsing.
    For even sensitive skin
    Removes make-up + cleanses + soothes
    No rinsing
    Face, eyes, lips – no perfume
    Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested
    No perfume. Hypoallergenic. Suitable for use on sensitive skin, including delicate areas.

    Micellar water is an easy way to remove make-up, soothe and hydrate the face, eye area and lips in 1 step, without rinsing.

    Garnier introduces micellar technology in an all-in-one cleanser. Like a magnet, the cleansing agents capture and lift away dirt from the skin. No need to rub to remove impurities and make-up.

    ৳ 700.00

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    Drenches lips in pure, fine pigments and infused with moisturizing Omega 3 oil and vitamin E.

    RICH PIGMENTS Full color pay-off in one swipe MOISTURIZING With precious Arganand Jojoba oils to help treat dryness LONG-WEARING All-day wear

    ৳ 1,390.00 ৳ 1,250.00

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  • Laval Dip Liquid Eyeliner – Black


    Define your eyes with this easy to apply dip eyeliner from Laval.

    • Product Dimensions: 8.3 x 0.8 x 11.8 inches
    • Weight: 0.6 ounces

    ৳ 340.00 ৳ 300.00

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  • Laval Waterproof EyeLiner Pen

    • Laval Waterproof Automatic Eye Liner Pen 
    • Black

    ৳ 290.00 ৳ 250.00

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  • MAC Lustre Lipstick


    Color: Spice It Up

    ৳ 2,400.00 ৳ 2,050.00

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